I couldn’t have been more honored to have been asked to second shoot the wedding of Casey Matheny and DeeDee McDaniel, in conjunction with Wood Photography!  For me, the day started out with rain, nasty, sticky, gross, gooey mud for Harmony Family Center’s second annual Mudder’s Day Madness mud run!  What fun!!!  And the weather…perfection.

Diptych 4

Then a quick shower and off to a wedding!  I mean…seriously, could I have picked two more polar opposite activities to do in one day?  I don’t think so!  DeeDee was stunning…no surprise there!  And Casey was a bundle of nerves and anxious energy awaiting his bride…also no surprise.  Thank you guys, for allowing me to be a part of your incredibly special day.  And again, thank you, Wood Photography, for allowing me to help out in some small way.

Matheny_03Matheny_05Matheny_01 Matheny_06Matheny_07Matheny_04

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