This guy is a senior!

My kids are five (about to start Kindergarten *sniff*) and a sassy three.  I met Brett and his brother when they were the same age as my babies – and now Brett is a senior.  After the feeling of being ancient subsided, I just sat back and soaked in the fun of the evening and […]

Baby Bonn

Can’t you just hear the James Bond music in the background?  Ahaha.  What a sweet family with a ton of patience!  Two boys under the age of 3 and a new baby girl!  Whew!  That wears me out just thinking about it.  I instantly fell in love with these boys…I mean how could you not? […]

Baby Snow

Ok…so trying to get caught up on some blogging and what a great story to jump out of the gate on!  I first met Tiffany when she was planning her wedding.  It was kind of one of those situations where you just become instant friends and click with someone.  Fast forward a few years and […]

Haley and Logan

You know how they refer to a doctor as a “practicing physician”?  Perhaps they should refer to photographers the same way…I don’t think I will ever be 100% fully satisfied with where I am as a photographer {at least I hope I’m not – that just seems presumptuous and boastful}.  It freaks me out a […]