Nani Kalani

The second installment in the Nani Kalani Children’s Clothing line is upon us!  I LOVE being part of new things – especially when I know that it’s going to be a success – and when this company really takes off – I’ll have the pleasure to say I was a part of it in some small way.  Melissa Desmond is the incredible talent behind all of the designs and the final product.  Hurry over to the Nani Kalani Facebook page to secure your own boutique dress!

Nani Kalani_01

Nani Kalani_02

Nani Kalani_03

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Nani Kalani_05

Nani Kalani_06

Kendall turns 2

Be still  my heart.  Earlier this summer, I took a webinar class from the uber talented Melanie Weyer (*swoon*).  The coolest thing…she taught us how to break away from using actions in Photoshop (created by other talented folks) and edit our images totally, exactly, the way we envisioned it.  Total control – my heart just leaped!  🙂  The results from this session really made me feel like I finally “got it”.  I love being able to say that my images are 100% mine start to finish.  The pride I feel in my work has just been bumped up a notch.  And then add into the mix an adorable two year old princess, a random cat, and an awesome summer night.  What could be better?

Kendall_01 copy



This guy is a senior!

My kids are five (about to start Kindergarten *sniff*) and a sassy three.  I met Brett and his brother when they were the same age as my babies – and now Brett is a senior.  After the feeling of being ancient subsided, I just sat back and soaked in the fun of the evening and seeing this guy having turned into a handsome young man.  Watch out ladies!  😉




Baby Bonn

Can’t you just hear the James Bond music in the background?  Ahaha.  What a sweet family with a ton of patience!  Two boys under the age of 3 and a new baby girl!  Whew!  That wears me out just thinking about it.  I instantly fell in love with these boys…I mean how could you not?  Look how fun they are!





Baby Snow

Ok…so trying to get caught up on some blogging and what a great story to jump out of the gate on!  I first met Tiffany when she was planning her wedding.  It was kind of one of those situations where you just become instant friends and click with someone.  Fast forward a few years and I get a call from her asking me to photograph her at-home water birth.  A little hesitant, but always looking for a new challenge to stretch my creativity, I agreed!  Over 24 hours of labor with no meds – this woman is my new hero.  And here’s the sweet little nugget that came as a result of all of her hard work!  Congratulations, again, Tiffany and Tim!  You guys are amazing!

Snow_01 copy