This weekend

Wow!  What a crazy weekend!  Friday night was the big reveal of pictures with Stacie and Chris.  They were so excited about them.  It’s always so great to hear someone say, “oh that one is DEFINITELY going up in our new home.”  Music to a photographer’s ear!  (Sidebar – I took some pictures for my friend Janna earlier this year.  When I visited her at her home a few weeks ago, she had them blown up all over the focal wall in their livingroom!  Ahh…I always wonder if my families actually do like what I give them or if they are just being polite…).   Then, on to Saturday morning with Stephanie and Andy Goddard and their little boy, Marshal.  So cute and so sweet and he really hung in there with us for a long time.  I was really  hoping for something new to catch my eye as we were doing the shoot downtown.  As we were walking down Gay Street, we came upon the most incredible construction site EVER!!!  Sounds weird, but it made for such a great place to take pictures – very urban, tons of colors and textures!  Just great.  The crew was super nice to allow the four of us to invade their space.  I was really surprised, actually.  Did I mention that I almost didn’t make it to this shoot due to a stomach bug my little boy has apparently picked up from his cousin.  Let’s just say my bathroom got a thorough cleaning before 7:00 am Saturday morning!

Sunday was rather low-key until I found out my niece was having emergency surgery to remove her appendix!  Nevertheless I had an awesome shoot with the Jacobus family in the evening.  I was finally able to use the colorful pinwheels that I made by hand a few weeks ago!  Immediately following the shoot, I headed over to the hospital to see my sweet girl.  She was doing great and made sure everyone knew that she couldn’t walk around yet.

My trip to the hospital was cut short by an exasperated call from my husband begging me to come home because the kids were losing it.  I could hear L in the background screaming for me and baby K crying too.  Rushed home to more evidence of my son’s stomach bug and a starving 9 week old!  Whew.  Rest came quickly in the Norris household last night!

Throughout all the craziness, I managed to start work on a few of the Goddard pictures.  I cannot wait to share everything with you all and especially with my families!

Stay tuned…


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