A Family Family Photo Session

Our cousin, Laura is in town right now from South Carolina.  When I was asked by her mom, Debbie, to do a few “quick shots” of all of the great grand children, and then a session with Laura’s two boys, I was excited!  So we piled all the kiddos on the newly completed deck that my father-in-law just built and this was the result…


Notice that my two (the blonde on the right and the cutie patootie little girl in the purple bumbo are the major culprits in this shot not working out!


We finally managed this shot where at least it looks like the adults have some sort of control.  Notice Ty, the big guy on the left…he’s just taking this all in stride!  Way to go Ty!!!


But then later, I got this shot of Laura’s youngest, Nathan.  He was such a trooper.  Could you have guessed that five minutes before they left to meet me, he fell off of a chair into gravel and busted up his face?  Needless to say, taking photos this evening was NOT high on his list of fun things to do.


We had a fun evening despite the way things started out.  I cannot wait to get the rest of these pictures edited and posted!  Also looking forward to a session with an old friend from high school and her ridiculously fun family!  I’m not sure if we will even get one serious photo, but we’ll try…

Happy 4th!


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