Maternity session with this beauty yesterday…Emily and I have been friends for years now.  We first met through work and managed to build a strong friendship that stretched beyond an “office buddy.”  What I love most about her is her infectious love for life.  Emily can turn a hum-drum day into an all day laugh-fest. 


Aside from my precious husband, Emily has been there with me through some of the most monumental moments in my life.  She and I trained together to ride our bikes across TN as a part of and Adoption Tour with Harmony Adoptions to raise awareness for the need for adoptive parents…

                                                                                                                                                                        picture courtesy 503 Photography

…and we have also shared both of our pregnancies together. 

Emily, I look forward to many more monument climbing with you…I only hope these pictures depict a sliver of your beauty both inside and out.

Love you sis…

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