Norris Journal

One of the photography blogs I follow religiously is Pink Sugar Photography. I just love the way she sees things, interprets them, and then is able to capture them through her lens! I’m so jealous of her work, her creativity and her talent!!! BUT! She had a wonderful idea that I’m *stealing* from her. Several months ago she started a photography journal of her daughter where she would capture everyday moments, make a brief comment, and then one day be able to give it to her daughter as a memory. Her goal is to do this for one year. I hate that I did not think to do this with London – when it was just him, but now that sweet Baby K is here, I thought there was no better time than to start our own Norris Family Journal. I just love this idea – plus it forces me to get out there and take more pictures of my own kids and family.

P.S. Each picture has its own little caption – you have to click on it to really be able to see what it says!

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