Branchial Cleft Cyst

It’s been a long day that started last night!  Hmmm…  Today was one of those days that has been looming for some time.  When I was still in the hospital with Baby K, I noticed a “dimple” on her neck that didn’t look quite right.  After personal investigation of this ‘thing’ on my newborn, the nurses and doctors informed me that she had what was called a branchial cleft cyst.  Further explained, I was told that when her head and neck were forming, a certain “track” in her neck did not develop properly.  Apparently rather common, the doctors informed us it was ‘no big deal’ but would likely have to be removed due to the risk of infection.  Fast forward to today and, yep, removal day. 

After securing babysitters for London including an impromptu “sleep-over” with his big cousins, Erica and Olivia, we were off to Children’s Hospital at 6:00 am.  Greeted by frantic nursing staff attempting to not look frantic in light of an entirely new computer system that slowed down the entire process, we headed into the  Surgical  Holding Room where we were given the low down on the anesthesia and surgical process.  And I cried.  Then it was time to hand her over to the nurses.  And I cried. 

And then we waited…

And finally got word that all went well and she was in recovery.  A 30 minute eternity later, I had her back in my arms where she belongs…

Children’s Hospital is amazing, but I hope to never be there again.

2 thoughts on “Branchial Cleft Cyst

  1. My 3 yr old son diagnosed at 6 months has the same thing looking at getting them removed soon. Thank you for sharing your experience. You have a beautiful little girl and glad everything went well.

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