Koozer Family

This family is so special to me.  Justin’s mom, Betsy, was in my wedding – she and I have been friends for…hmmmm…10 years, I guess.  Our friendship started when we both worked with first offender youth together.  Whew!  Those were the days!!!   I’ve known Justin just as long.  In fact, Betsy and I went to a Dixie Chicks concert with Justin once when he was still in high school (oh my goodness I’m really dating myself here).  The three of us have trained and ridden across the state of Tennessee together on bicycles with Harmony Adoptions’ Adoption Tour…I’ve visited Justin in the hospital when he swallowed a tack (long story)…countless lunches…good laughs…sharing in the joy of having two children of my own….watching Justin marry his bride…and now…Justin’s a daddy.  So, you can imagine how honored I felt when he called me up (wait, he doesn’t call, he texts) and asked me if I would do pictures of their precious new arrival, Miss Baby Piper!  There are no words for how precious this sweet baby is – and there are no words for how incredibly blessed this family is to have her in their lives.  The hand of our Father has been on Piper since day 1 and I know she will continue to be held closely in His grasp from now on.  I’m sharing just a few of this gorgeous little girl in anticipation of the entire session to be completed soon…enjoy.

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