Rick Suz and Max

You may remember this post from several months ago when I first attempted to do a family photo session with my good buds, Rick and Suzanne, and their son, Max.  In a nutshell, it ended abruptly and in the ER for Max!  YIKES is right!  We had spoken often of a “next time to get together” and finish the session but due to the 90+ degree heat this summer and some crazy work schedules, we waited until this past Friday night.  Honestly, I was really surprised they asked me back, but incredibly glad!  Max came prepared sporting knee pads and a helmet and plenty of one-liners to remind me of his “permanent scar.”  Ok, I’m joking about the knee pads and helmet (that’s what he wore when they came over for dinner a few weeks ago – no lie), but he certainly did NOT let me forget about “THE ACCIDENT.”  The joking around is what makes hanging out with these guys so much fun.  The evening really was perfect and at times I had trouble figuring out if the tears I had were from laughter or from the sun burning my corneas.  Either way – LOVE hanging with you guys!  Enjoy your sneak peek.

                                                                                                                                                            (action shot just before Max fell, cut his knee, and was raced to the ER)

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