Jon, Stephanie, and baby Taylor

One of the biggest honors in this business (for me anyway) is to be asked by my friends to photograph some of their most precious and fleeting moments.  I will never forget Stephanie standing in our kitchen about 9 months ago and saying, “Well, we’re pregnant!” Just like that and just that nonchalant!  But, that’s Stephanie!  🙂  It was also that same day that she asked me to do the baby’s newborn pictures.  Of course I said I would, and then she continued to remind me every couple of months thereafter  until our sweet baby Taylor arrived just a few weeks ago!  I have to say, I’m always more nervous photographing friends (not sure why, exactly), but these turned out pretty incredible.  It certainly helps that mommy and daddy are gorgeous and that baby Taylor has followed in their footsteps.  Enjoy…

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