TJ and Amanda

I need to hire Tim and Heather Braden to be my marketing team (one of many things I am simply terrible at)!  As I’ve said before, I’ve done pictures for them so many times, each time they ask me for another shoot, I have to really think and plan for a new location – we’ve about exhausted all the places I know around here!  😉  So, when I get a phone call or email, oftentimes, it is a referral that Tim or Heather has sent my way.  Thanks guys!  You all rock!!! 

I had been emailing back and forth with Amanda for several weeks (beginning waaay before Christmas) about their maternity session.  The day finally came yesterday!  What a fun couple!  I felt so comfortable around them, and I think they felt very comfortable around me and in front of my camera.  In fact, TJ said just before leaving, “You know, this wasn’t nearly as stressful and awkward as I expected.”  Whew!  What a compliment.  I really think it’s a gift to have the type of personality that can make people feel comfortable in your presence immediately.  Not bragging (at all, I swear!), but this trait seems to transcend into my adoption work as well, so I’m kinda proud I possess this quality.  Thank you, Lord! 

Here are just a few quick sneak peeks from yesterday’s GORGEOUS day (again, Thank you, Lord!) and this gorgeous couple!  Can’t wait to get to meet baby TJ, the fifth (yes, the 5th generation of TJ Carey’s, Wow!) in early March!

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