How crazy is this?

An all-time favorite person to me, sweet Emily.  I’ve known Emily for close to 8 years now (can that be right!?!) and have loved how our friendship has grown over the years.  She’s one of those people who, although I may not see or talk to everyday, when I do, we pick up right where we left off.  Aren’t those the best friends ever!?  The bonus…there’s no drama…ever.  Is that possible with women?  🙂  What makes our friendship even more special is that we have shared some of the most incredible milestones together.  We have trained and ridden our bicycles across the state of Tennessee together, our first-born sons are 5 months apart and now our second born daughters are also 5 months apart.  We’ve laughed together (TONS) and shared some tears together, so when she asked if I would do some pictures of her precious babies, I jumped at the opportunity.  Sadly, I had some serious time constraints the afternoon I went to her house.  There was a real fear that I wouldn’t get enough shots in of the kiddos because of our time together chatting!  I think we managed, though!  Enjoy this sneak peek of baby Cates.  There’s more to come with some pictures of Big Brother Liam!  Such a cutie pie!


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