How crazy is this?

An all-time favorite person to me, sweet Emily.  I’ve known Emily for close to 8 years now (can that be right!?!) and have loved how our friendship has grown over the years.  She’s one of those people who, although I may not see or talk to everyday, when I do, we pick up right where we left off.  Aren’t those the best friends ever!?  The bonus…there’s no drama…ever.  Is that possible with women?  🙂  What makes our friendship even more special is that we have shared some of the most incredible milestones together.  We have trained and ridden our bicycles across the state of Tennessee together, our first-born sons are 5 months apart and now our second born daughters are also 5 months apart.  We’ve laughed together (TONS) and shared some tears together, so when she asked if I would do some pictures of her precious babies, I jumped at the opportunity.  Sadly, I had some serious time constraints the afternoon I went to her house.  There was a real fear that I wouldn’t get enough shots in of the kiddos because of our time together chatting!  I think we managed, though!  Enjoy this sneak peek of baby Cates.  There’s more to come with some pictures of Big Brother Liam!  Such a cutie pie!


Baby Chloe

Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph this family in an old abandoned building in downtown Knoxville.  I was so excited to just “happen upon” it and have noticed it’s not been open since!  What most people don’t realize is that this beautiful momma was pregnant with baby Chloe at the time of the original shoot.  Now, several months later, I, again had the fortune to be asked to do a newborn session for the growing Goddard family.  I always consider it such an honor when I’m asked to do pictures a second, third, fourth time and this occasion was no exception (especially considering Stephanie was going to ask another photographer friend to do pictures but chose to use only me 😉 )!  As handsome as their son,  Marshal, is, so beautiful is their daughter, Chloe.

Patrick is 3 months!!

It seems like just last month I was photographing Stephanie and Ryan in the Gardens at a local Montessori school for their maternity session and now we’ve just completed Patrick’s 3 month pictures!  Wow, time flies!!!  Here are just a few of sweet Patrick – all in black and white, and one particularly moody one that I seem to fall in love with the more I stare at it.  I hope you enjoy!


TJ and Amanda

I need to hire Tim and Heather Braden to be my marketing team (one of many things I am simply terrible at)!  As I’ve said before, I’ve done pictures for them so many times, each time they ask me for another shoot, I have to really think and plan for a new location – we’ve about exhausted all the places I know around here!  😉  So, when I get a phone call or email, oftentimes, it is a referral that Tim or Heather has sent my way.  Thanks guys!  You all rock!!! 

I had been emailing back and forth with Amanda for several weeks (beginning waaay before Christmas) about their maternity session.  The day finally came yesterday!  What a fun couple!  I felt so comfortable around them, and I think they felt very comfortable around me and in front of my camera.  In fact, TJ said just before leaving, “You know, this wasn’t nearly as stressful and awkward as I expected.”  Whew!  What a compliment.  I really think it’s a gift to have the type of personality that can make people feel comfortable in your presence immediately.  Not bragging (at all, I swear!), but this trait seems to transcend into my adoption work as well, so I’m kinda proud I possess this quality.  Thank you, Lord! 

Here are just a few quick sneak peeks from yesterday’s GORGEOUS day (again, Thank you, Lord!) and this gorgeous couple!  Can’t wait to get to meet baby TJ, the fifth (yes, the 5th generation of TJ Carey’s, Wow!) in early March!

Jon, Stephanie, and baby Taylor

One of the biggest honors in this business (for me anyway) is to be asked by my friends to photograph some of their most precious and fleeting moments.  I will never forget Stephanie standing in our kitchen about 9 months ago and saying, “Well, we’re pregnant!” Just like that and just that nonchalant!  But, that’s Stephanie!  🙂  It was also that same day that she asked me to do the baby’s newborn pictures.  Of course I said I would, and then she continued to remind me every couple of months thereafter  until our sweet baby Taylor arrived just a few weeks ago!  I have to say, I’m always more nervous photographing friends (not sure why, exactly), but these turned out pretty incredible.  It certainly helps that mommy and daddy are gorgeous and that baby Taylor has followed in their footsteps.  Enjoy…

My friends the Schrivers

This family session was like no other – and I loved it!  My good friend, Zan, asked if I would do some shots with his family for his dad.  He prepped me by saying, “My dad is going to fall in love with you.”  What he didn’t prep me for was that I would, in turn, fall in love with his dad and the entire family which included his brother, Andy – his wife Julie and their two boys, his sister, Julie and her gorgeous daughter, and even the unsuspecting cousin, Martin, who made it into several shots at the insistence of Mr. Schriver!  What an incredibly fun afternoon filled with tons of laughter and above all,  a new family of which I consider myself to be an honorary member!  Here’s just a quick sneak peek…

Trying to catch up on some blogging this morning.  For several weeks, my computer has been acting funny, so uploading pictures to my website has not been happening.  Soooo…while it’s working properly, I’m taking full advantage!  Here are a few pictures from several recent sessions – some of my absolute favorites!

Day Family – October 24

Hudgens Family – September 23

                                                                                                                                                 Crumley Family – October 17